CUI Devices Adds Ultrasonic Sensors Product Line to Sensors Portfolio


CUI Devices Adds Ultrasonic Sensors Product Line to Sensors Portfolio

CUI Devices’ Sensors Group today announced the addition of ultrasonic sensors to its product portfolio. Offering a range of transmitter, receiver, and transceiver options with analog outputs, the ultrasonic sensors feature distance ratings from 0.2 up to 18 meters and beam angles of 75 or 80 degrees. The ultrasonic sensors models are housed in compact aluminum or plastic cases with through hole mounting styles, providing users with an economical solution for precise measurement in a variety of detection, distance, and proximity applications.

Carrying frequency ratings from 23 to 40 kHz, peak-to-peak voltage ratings from 80 to 180 V, and operating temperature ranges from -30 up to 85°C, these ultrasonic sensors further offer sound pressure levels from 105 to 115 dB and sensitivity ratings from -75 to -68 dBV. The models also feature diameters as small as 9.8 mm and profiles as low as 7 mm.

The CUSA and CUSP ultrasonic sensor models are available immediately with prices starting at $2.16 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution. OEM価格についてはCUI Devicesまでお問い合わせください。

製品名: 超音波センサー
納期: 10週間
対象ユーザー: Detection, distance, and proximity applications
主な特長: Transmitter, receiver, and transceiver options, analog outputs
コスト: $2.16 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution


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