New IP68 Rated Models Added to CUI Devices’ Dc Fans Line

New IP68 Rated Models Added to CUI Devices’ Dc Fans Line


CUI Devices’ Thermal Management Group today announced the addition of IP68 rated fan models to its line of dc axial fans. These waterproof dc fans offer complete protection against moisture and dust, making them ideal for a range of harsh environments such as refrigeration, HVAC, medical, and more.

The IP68 rated fans feature dual ball bearing construction, square frame sizes of 60 mm, 80 mm, or 92 mm, and airflow ratings from 14.7 up to 129.55 CFM. All models come as standard with auto restart protection, including additional options for tachometer signal and PWM control signal wires. Available with rated voltages of 12 or 24 Vdc, these waterproof dc fans feature multiple speed ratings from 3500 up to 12000 RPM and static pressure ratings from 0.15 up to 2.31 inH2O. Outside of its standard offering, CUI Devices can also deliver custom fan solutions to meet a variety of forced air cooling needs.

The CFM-60BG68, CFM-80BG68, CFM-92BF68, and CFM92BG68 series are available immediately with prices starting at $13.63 per unit at 500 pieces through distribution. OEM価格についてはCUI Devicesまでお問い合わせください。

温度管理に関する役立つリソースやツールについては、様々なブログ記事、ビデオなどを掲載したCUI Devicesのリソースライブラリをご覧ください。

納期: 16週間
対象ユーザー: Refrigeration, HVAC, and medical
主な特長: IP68 rated, ball bearing construction
コスト: $13.63 per unit at 500 pieces through distribution