New IP Rated Models Added to CUI Devices’ Enclosed Speakers Line

New IP Rated Models Added to CUI Devices’ Enclosed Speakers Line


CUI Devices’ Audio Group today announced the addition of new IPX7 and IP67 rated models to its enclosed speakers line. The new waterproof models from the CES product family feature sound pressure levels (SPLs) from 95 up to 109 dB at 10 cm, resonant frequencies from 750 to 1300 Hz, and nominal inputs from 1 to 3 W. Thanks to their enclosed speaker design and IP ratings, the CES models offer engineers a turnkey solution fully optimized for superior sound quality and simplified design integration in applications that may be subject to moisture and environmental contaminants.

Available in oval, rectangular, round, or square frame shapes, these enclosed speakers are housed in packages ranging from 24 x 15 x 6.55 mm up to 61.09 x 61.09 x 23.35 mm. The models offer PEEK, PEI, or PET cone types, impedance ratings of 4 or 8 ohms, and wire leads with or without a connector. Select speakers also offer panel mount holes for easier installation and secure mounting.

The IP rated CES models are available immediately with prices starting at $2.20 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution. OEM価格についてはCUI Devicesまでお問い合わせください。

オーディオ・コンポーネントの役立つリソースやツールについては、多くのブログ投稿やビデオなどを掲載したCUI Devicesのリソースライブラリをご覧ください。

納期: 12週間
対象ユーザー: Electronic devices subject to moisture or contaminants
主な特長: IPX7 and IP67 ratings, enclosed speaker design
コスト: $2.20 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution